FAQ's - Vouchers
Voucher FAQ's

What is a Voucher?
Vouchers are accepted by transit operators and eligible vanpools and can only be used to purchase transit tickets and passes or to pay vanpool expenses. There are two kinds of vouchers: TransitChek Vouchers and Greater Delaware Valley TransitChek Vouchers.

When you enroll in Commuter Tax$ave, you will be asked to name the transit operator(s) that you use to commute to work. Depending upon which which transit operator you use, you will receive either TransitChek Vouchers OR the Greater Delaware Valley TransitChek Vouchers. For example, if you ride PATCO to work, you will receive the Greater Delaware Valley TransitChek Vouchers. If you ride NJ TRANSIT to work, you may receive TransitChek Vouchers.

TransitChek Vouchers are available in various denominations.

Can I get cash back with a Voucher?
No, you must purchase transit tickets and passes equal to or greater than the value of the vouchers.

How do I receive Vouchers?
When you enroll in the Commuter Tax$ave Program, you will be asked a series of questions pertaining to your commute patterns. If you indicated that you use a mode of mass transportation that does not accept the Premium TransitChek MetroCard or the TransitChek QuickPay Card, you will be offered a choice of receiving Vouchers. You will be able to receive your Vouchers in the mail at your home address each month.

What should I do if I don’t receive my Vouchers?
If you have chosen to receive Vouchers, you should receive them approximately one week before your benefit month begins. If you don’t receive your Vouchers by the end of the month, call TransitChek's Customer Service at 1.888.618.2435 to report this. Replacement Vouchers will be sent to your home.

Will you replace my Vouchers if they are lost or stolen?
No. Vouchers are cash like instruments and just like cash, it cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Therefore, please protect your Vouchers, as you would cash.

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